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What steps do you take to prevent unauthorized use of household information?

We use a 3 step system to ensure that household information is not used except in a case of an emergency.  This system is comprised of the following:

  1. Anyone viewing the information contained in the system must be an authorized Public Safety User who is logged in using our dual authentication system.  These users are managed locally by a supervisor or administrator.
  2. Regardless of how the Public Safety User is searching the system, they must provide a reason code for searching.  Upon choosing to proceed, the reason code along with identifying information will be shared with the Heads of Household and reason code either through email (free)  or instant text message (premium) notification.
  3. The information that is viewed is kept anonymous.  This means that only critical emergency information is shared along with enough identifying information to help the public safety user assist.  You can view what this information will consist of by choosing "EMS view" from within the app.

A history of who, when, and why information is viewed is available to the local public safety administrator as well.

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