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What is the Peer Alert system?

The peer alert system allows you send and receive tiered alerts to other consumers in the local area as well as other family members which you have entered into your account.  

The various alert levels are:

Blue (Normal)--There are no alerts in your immediate area.

Yellow (Caution)--There is something in the immediate area that may create a dangerous situation.

Red (Warning)--There is something in the immediate area that will create a dangerous situation.

911 (Emergency)--There is a dangerous situation and emergency services are required.  This alert level means that another EmergencMe user has called for emergency services utilizing the system.  When the 911 alert level is selected by you, The speakerphone will be activated and your phone will dial 911 automatically.  

After you pick the alert type, you will be presented with a two-step Alert type selector which is shown below:

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